What to Bring

Pilots enjoying some paragliding on a local hill.

As we will be offshore, and near the sea there will be sea spray and salt water in the air.

We reccomend that each pilot should find a suitable bag or box to protect their engine.

These boxes & bags can be bought in DIQ store or some surplus stores. The alternative is a large waterproof bag, which can be found online, or custom made at a canvas bag fabriction company.

Harnesses, wings, and cage section, and all other flying gadget can be stored in one of the cabins below deck.

Pilots should be responsable for their own oil, tools and any spare parts for the trip, as parts won't be available on-board.


Lists of part to Bring

2 stroke oil

Spare props

Spark plugs

Cage line



2 x 20lt jerry can for fuel

Good set of waterproofs

Waterproof shoes/boots

Suitable footware for boats

Midge nets

Anti midge repellent

Life jacket, floatation aid, If you intend to fly over water

2m radios

Head torch

Sea sickness tablets


We will be carrying 2 large barrels of unmixed fuel on board which can be purchased from the boat.