Paramotor Adventures  Jordan 10 day PPG Adventure 2021

Paramotoing in Wadi Rum

Boyz enjoying the desert in Wadi Rum


What is included in your trip


Expedition Trip 10 days TBA

  • 10 nights accommodation.

  • 3 meals a day.

  • Transport on the expedition too and from the flight sites & hotels.

  • Airport transfers in Jordan.

  • Water & soft drinks.

  • Transport to & from flying sites.

  • Fuel & oil for 2 flights a day.(10ltrs per flights)

  • Diving for 2 days ( total 3-4 dives).

  • Camel ride in the desert.


Costs not included in the trip


  • International flights from your home country to Jordan.

  • Excess baggage for transport of your paramotor & flying equipment.

  • Alcohol.

  • Travel insurance or equipment insurance.

  • Visas.(approx £40)



Cost for your Adventure.


10 day trip TBA


More info to follow.

Spaces are limited so please contact us soon to put your name down.