Paramotor Expeditions

Paramotor Expeditions

Explore remote wilderness and experience breath taking views never reached before by paramotor……

Expeditions are either based from our Tall Ship the Lady of Avenel or run with other forms of support on land or by sea.

Expeditions are geared for the more experienced and adventurous ppg pilot. We will be flying in mainly unknown territory to our guides or other paramotor pilots. We aim to explore the unbeaten track and sites by air. Reach remote and wild places, fly low over untouched beaches and landscapes and explore the coast line by air.

Skye & Outer Hebrides / Jura & Islay and Northern Ireland

This is a team based undertaking where the plan and route is shaped by the group taking weather, skills and ambitions into account for the planning. Weather will be a determining factor. There is a strong likely hood of none flying days, which will be filled with other adventure activities or exploring the land and sea by other means. The Lady of Avenel carries a assortment of equipment and toys. See below for a list.

You will have to be proficient in taking off and landing on challenging sites. Forward and revere launch need to be sufficiently practiced in confined, uneven or sloping areas. You will be happy to launch and fly in winds up to 3 and 4 Beaufort (12 – 18 mph) and are not faced when the day starts getting thermically active.

There might well be the some possibility for free flying. Ridge soaring on a remote beach or a top to bottom of a coastal hill or mountain.

You navigation has to be sufficient to plan and find your own way after we have given you sufficient instructions. You are equipped with sufficient instrumentation for the task.

Water crossing are unsupported so bring your own buoyancy devices. AGAMA system or similar and or a personal life jacket, hook knife, breathing aid etc. We have an article introducing various approaches to water crossings and landings, see below.

You might need to carry your equipment for up to ½ a mile to reach the take-off or landing site. We aim to provide some form of transport if feasible. There will be a crew member to retrieve trolleys and other equipment not flying with you.

Expeditions are aimed to explore flying routes and territory for future guided tours. It is also our prime photo opportunity and marketing potential so you might well find yourself in some magazines or on a web site. Sponsors and partners are welcome.

Pilots enjoying hands on sailing on a real square rigger! Ahoy Sailors..