Guided Paramotor Tours

Guided Paramotor Tours

Explore the remote wilderness and experience breath taking views in some of the rarely flown territories by paramotor …….

Guided tours are geared towards the qualified and practiced pilot seeking some new challenges and fly in remote and unknown territory to him / her. You need to be practised in forward and reverse launch and fly in condition up to a Beaufort Force 3 ( up to 12 -15 mph), and you are not getting uncomfortable in slightly bumpy conditions.

Mull, Movern and Adnamurchan / Jura, Islay & Mull of Kintyre

This is a guided adventure where you can fly with guides if you are uncomfortable navigating on your own. We will provide you with all pointers and tips to plan you own route. Guides will be there to assist on take-off and launch but note we are not a school environment.

We will be flying over some remote ground and you need to be comfortable to land out if needed. We aim to retrieve you as soon as possible but that could take a little while. You might need to carry your gear some distance to the coast or a nearby road.

The itinerary will be shaped by the weather and flying conditions, the skill levels as well as group dynamics and interest. Weather will be a determining factor. There is a strong likelihood of none flying days, which will be filled with other adventure activities or exploring the land and sea by other means. The Lady of Avenel carries an assortment of equipment and toys. See below for a list.

There might well be the some possibility for free flying. Ridge soaring on a remote beach or a top to bottom of a coastal hill or mountain.

Water crossing are avoided where possible but if attempted they might be unsupported so bring your own buoyancy devices. AGAMA system or similar and or a personal life jacket, hook knife, breathing aid etc. We have a few articles introducing various approaches to water crossings and landings, see below.

You might need to carry your equipment for up to ½ a mile to reach the take-off or landing site. We aim to provide some form of transport if feasible but that might not always be the case. There will be a crew member to retrieve trolleys and other equipment not flying with you.



Breathtaking views