I am a beginner pilot, can I join your trips?


With limited spaces we can't offer everone on these trip, as some of the flying might be challenging.

Therefore pilots must have at least 50 flights logged and be at least a BMAA Club pilot rating with full insurance. Pleae contact us for more information regaring your experience.


If the weather is not flyable do we get a refund?


Sorry, we can't offer a refund on the trip. We can't predict the weather, therefore, pilots go at their own discretion. If the weather is poor, we can offer customer other activities on the boat during the trip. 

We offer talk ship sailing, paddleboarding, sea kayaking, fishing, and any other activities. 


Can I brink my partner or a non-flying passenger?


Yes of course. We take up to 10 pilots on the boat, with 2 additional spaces for no flyers. Non flying passengers get a 10% discount of the trip cost.


Should I bring a life jacket for flying?


Pilots who intend to fly over water, do it at their own risk. There might be some areas on the trip where there might be a "hop" across waters. These areas will always have a boat covers.


I don't want to drive to Scotland, How is the best way to get there?


There is 3 way to get to Oban. Car, train, and fly to Glasgow. If you want the simple solution, then flying is the fastest way to get nearby. The scenic train journey to Oban is a stunning and great way to explore the Scottish Highlands. Equipment can be shipped to Oban, and we can pick it up for you, ready for your arrival on the boat.