Themed Paramotor Tours

Themed Paramotor Tours

Fly along the route of  …. or follow the trail of the ….. and see some of the most amazing sights, landscapes and coast lines by paramotor and sailing boat.

Themed tours mainly use our Tall Ship the Lady of Avenel or run with other forms of support on land or by sea.

Themed tours are based on the guided tours but focusing on a theme along a pre-planned and researched route. We aim to follow the planned itinerary weather permitting but take alternative flying into account where possible.

This is a combined adventure of flying, sightseeing and traditional sailing and don’t forget relaxing. Partners and none flyers are welcome.

There is a strong likely hood of none flying days, which will be filled with other adventure activities or exploring the land and sea. The Lady of Avenel carries an assortment of equipment and toys. See below for a list.

PPG West Coast Whiskey Tour / Highlights of the Hebrides by Paramotor / Flight of the Whale

These tours follow a common theme visiting a series of sites relevant to the topic as well as incorporating the most exciting, spectacular and interesting spots on route. As usual with Scottish weather the itinerary is subject to change, however we try hard to follow the planned itinerary.

Take-off and landing sites are well researched and tested by our guides. These sites will require a reasonable well trained and experienced pilot but are not too challenging. Guides will either give detailed instructions or land first and set a wind sock if necessary.

Cross country flight are limited to accessible terrain with plenty of out landing options.

You do not need to navigate on your own and routes for the day will be given in form of charts and waypoints. On this type of trip we aim to fly every day for a duration of 1 to 3 hours. This could be in up to 3 flights. But weather will most likely demand and degree of flexibility from our itinerary and all pilots.